Interested in hosting your own Face 2 Face event for the VirtConLive? You're in the right place!

While the presentations are all virtual, we encourage people to congregate together Face 2 Face to get that shared conference experience. There's nothing quite like the buzz you get from collaborating together with other educators in the same room, whether there's 2 people there or 200! As an added bonus, if you host an event, lunch is on the house! We'll provide reimbursement for lunch to the tune of up to $10 per person.

Anybody can host their own Face 2 Face event. All you need to do is:

1) Find a location. It can be a school, your home. or even a local coffee shop. Anywhere that you can gather a group of people together. Large or small, that's up to you.

2) Fill out this form. This lets us know that you are interested in being an F2F host for the VirtConLive. Once we receive it, we'll set up your own page on this wiki and add your listing to the conference homepage.

3) Customize the registration page. Once you've been added to the wiki here, you will be able to update the specific information for the event, as well as include information for how people can register and let you know they will be attending. Should they fill out a Google Doc? Email you? Call and leave you a voicemail? That's up to you!

4) Have a fantastic event! Enjoy the day and don't forget to send us pictures!

We'll reach out to you the week prior to the event to make arrangements for providing lunch to your attendees. More info to come on that end.